Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oct 8/11

Yestreday was crazy.
The bus I took to come home from Toronto hit another car, which made us leave a little later than usual. Then it took us 2 hours to leave Toronto. I hopped in the 2:30pm bus and arrived in London at 8pm.

Lucian picked me up and Toffany told me he was very good, like always. He had an episode gardening THE GARAGE. He felt everything in the garage needed a wash...
He is also getting much better at sharing and continues to help Tiffany with Orlando´s night routine.

Last night finally home, we played a lot, Tiffany and Pipe left so I took care of Orlando for them. We were playing on the floor and at the end of the night I was rocking both of them and I had the two kids fast asleep on my arms.

Today, we woke up and played in the bedroom, he helped me clean the room, then we went downstaitrs and cleaned the kitchen, he was crying because he wanted the computer, but forgot about it as soon as he started eating his breakfast. After that it was playtime with Orlando, my brothr and Tiffany where gone again, so they were downstairs watching cartoons and playing while I cleaned teh rest of the house.

When you called I was doing laundry, he was pooping and I just gave him a shower and changed him. He was very upset when you two stopped talking and demanded in tears for me to call you back. It was heartbreaking. He is still very upset, I just gave him some ice cream and is watching yo gabba gabba. Its kind of chilly, it had been chilly all day long today so I dont want to take him out, his cough comes back at times and I am scared he will get sick. I dont ever want to spend a minute at a hospital with him.

I want this nightmare to be over, but I am glad you are calling him. Although I dont understand why you wont come on skype. This month is not advancing fast enough.

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