Friday, September 30, 2011

Oct 1/11

I am asleep now. Dreaming about Yo Gabby Gabba!
It was a good day yesterday, I had plans to fo to the Museum with mommy, but she switched the date so that I could talk to my daddy during the afternoon, and I was so happy to see my daddy! I was crazy hanging up and calling him back on skype, I am really good at calling people on skype, especially if mommy hasnt talked to them in a long time! I am helping mommy a lot.

I didnt eat all my dinner and I pooped 3 times in a row..diaper after diaper, I wasnt telling mommy I had to go, but what is a kid to do when you are having so much fun being chased around by mommy and little Orlando!!-but I sometimes do a really good job and let mami know I have to go!! AND today, just like the day before yesterday, I helped Tiffany bathe Orlando and I did such a good job! I am a big boy and a great helper, I pulled up my sleeves so that I didnt get wet, but Orlando kept splashing despite me telling Orlando ¨Hey Orlandow, what are you doing it! dont do splashing in d wather!!!¨ I got really wet but I was so good!
Tata came and made me yummy rice puddin, I ate a whole bowl! And I was playing pretend, and I was pretending to be a baby, so I asked my mom to sit me on the high chair and I ate all of my food!
Then I played some video games and mommy told me, Luciani, is time to go to sleep and I made her promose me I would play with the computer tomorrow upstairs, I love my computer because I learn so much and play so much!

I love my daddy so much and he is coming to visit me and he is going to bring me a Yo Gabby Gabba box! FOR ME! I love presents. And the presents are for me yeah? Not Orlandow, me right? Yeah, dont say no daddy! Say yeah ok? Ok.

My morning has been super fun.
The funnest part was when my mom was brushing my hair after bathing me and she realised I cut some of my hair while she wasnt looking.
Then, my tio Pipe came in the room to see the pieces of hair falling of my head and said: Is time to cut his hair, and I thought it was a great idea! So I jumped to his arms and we went downstairs to the washroom, mommy was screaming NO NO PIPE NO NO NO NO L CORTES EL PELO A MI HIJO NO NO!

But I wanted him to cut it!! So tio Pipe got his cutter out and sat me down and I was happy to get my hair cut but my mom carried me out of the bathroom and I didnt get my hair cut!

My hair is all combed and nice now. I am all dressed and waiing for mommy to pack my lunch and my snacks, because when we take the bus sometimes I get hungry. And I am going to the museum and I am SO EXCITED. I have been waiting go since yesterday!

Mommy says is there is internet we will call daddy to his cellphone.
I love my daddy!

I am in bed now, at 9:30 like usual, I am a good boy-I dont scream and yell and kick mommy anymore. I just give her a big hug and a kiss and we lay down together. But I wake up in the middle of the night upset because I cant feel her sleeping next to me!
Maybe tonight I wont do it, because oh boy! I had a great time at the museum! I was mommy little helper and I was wearing her apron and I was so proud, cutting paper and painting and when mommy was cleaning up, I was staking the chairs because I am so big and strong.

Then it was time to go to the park! But we coulndt go because mommy was afraid I got sick, tonight she had to give me my puffer, I was coughing too much. I dont ever want to go back to the hospital-But I want to go to he park and i didnt get to play in it because it was very cold out! Very cold and she said she doesnt think I was wearing the right clothes for it, I had my hat, and my hoodie and my jeans an dmy boots! But I couldnt go to the park, but I got a pack of skittles! And we had a great ride in the bus, we were singing and playing and mommy got me chocolate milk and i drank it super fast!

We got home and mommy was heloing me put on my pajamas, and askd me to go potty, so i went and pooped and everytime i pooped i would stand up and look at my bum in the mirror, you know, i just wanted to see how it looks when my poop gets out! But mommy didnt like it and took the mirror out of the washroom!!!

I still dont like to eat too much, and mommy wants me to eat so much all the time! I was upset and cried because I dint want to eat the rice! But I did a little bit...I hit mommy because she didnt want to go get my little plex for my pretend yo gabba gabba box, she just wanted me to eat and i didnt want to eat! But I did and went to sleep. Because I am a bog boy.

-I have stuff to do, so i wont post pictures. I will when I have time, or want to.
Doubt you have time to even read this tonight, considering it is her birthday.

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